Your4 Referral Program

We understand the importance of community, especially when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals. It can provide the best accountability and encouragement. It gives comfort and support, and offers a diversity of insight from so much aggregated experience. Because we know this, we also know how much your influence impacts those around you. 

Obviously it helps our business when your recommendation encourages someone to sign-up, but more important to us is the opportunity to positively affect the lives of others. We love hearing the incredible stories when you hit new goals or accomplish what you’ve worked so hard for, and we want to help as many others as we can to find similar experiences.

We know the circumstances of your life keep you incredibly busy and demand your priority, therefore, we want to take any and every opportunity to show our gratitude for the efforts you make to support Your4.

One specific way we want to show that appreciation is through our “Your4 Referral Program.” When you refer a new Your4 Client you can choose one of the following as a “Thank You” from us! 

  • $50 Lululemon Gift Card
  • $50 Publix Gift Card
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card (new option!)

As they complete the payment process there will be a place to list a referral. Make sure they don’t forget to list you! Once the new Your4 client completes the sign-up process we will reach out to make sure you get your “Thank You.”

If you have any questions you can always ask Meag, or shoot us an email at! 

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