New Year, New Health Goals

The fresh start of the New Year provides a great reminder of the importance in setting plans for success. But we know from experience that sticking to these big life changing resolutions isn’t always easy! In order to help you make strides in your health journey, Your4 Nutrition Coach, Meag, compiled some advice on how to follow through and stay consistent. 

1. Set a positive (not restrictive) goal.

Instead of "I won’t eat any carbs" or "I need to cut out all sugar," turn your goal into a positive way to fuel your body. For example, "I will have one portion of healthy carbs at each big meal" or "I will have protein focused snacks throughout the day." 

2. Be Realistic, Be Specific

Pick a resolution you actually want to do, not just something you think sounds good. It's important that you choose a goal you are genuinely interested in and that has a meaningful impact on your health journey. Be very specific in what you want to achieve this year. Instead of saying “I will start eating healthier this year,” try saying “I will cook at least 4 healthy meals a week from now through April.”

3. Small, measurable goals

Instead of shooting for big lofty goals, try setting smaller, more attainable goals. Creating smaller benchmarks will help you stay focused and determined as you achieve your overall resolutions. Accomplishing small goals more frequently can help you build the confidence you need to stay engaged and committed to your New Year’s resolutions all year.

4. Plan for obstacles

Life is full of the unexpected. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having an off-day. If you encounter a setback, use it as a learning opportunity. Try to identify the preceding circumstances and record them as potential triggers that you can better avoid in the future. Many people start to view these minor setbacks as failures and give up completely on their goals. Instead, figure out what you should do differently next time to ensure you don’t make the same mistake again! 

5. Start when you’re ready

The holidays and New Year transition can be a stressful time. So if you need to focus on getting back into your routine and positive mental state right now, then do just that! It’s perfectly okay to start your goals later on in the year, whether that’s February or in the spring. Do what’s right for you! 

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