Your Story: A New Way of Life

Taking control of your mindset can give you the confidence and determination you need to build a healthy relationship with yourself and food. Fad diets come and go, but the education and tools from Your4 support  a lifelong commitment to the best version of yourself. By the end of the 12 week program, our goal is to give you the confidence and nutritional education you need to make this a sustainable lifestyle and make your results permanent! 

This month we want to highlight one of our clients who gained a new perspective on life and eating. Meet Katelyn! Katelyn Mitchel began her journey with Your4 to take control of her lifestyle habits in order to learn to love food and her body again. 

“A new way of life. That is exactly what Meag and Your4 gave me. 28 inches gone, over 10 pounds lost, and down just at 13% body fat. These numbers may not seem huge, and there is still work to be done, but what I gained through my time with Meag and Your4 is FAR greater than any measurement or number on a scale will ever be able to show. I learned to properly fuel my body, to not have a love/hate relationship with food, and to understand more about the work that food is doing within my body. Over the last three months I not only became leaner and stronger, but I gained a confidence that I have not had in a LONG time. I now know that I am capable of eating to fuel my body properly, not operating under the ‘restriction’ of a ‘diet.’ Meag is a gift, and the last three months of her walking this journey with me was a blessing. During the course of my time in the program, I was faced with several medical conditions that were ultimately working against me, but with Meag’s incredible knowledge and encouragement we were able to work with those diagnoses and see some really great results!  And most of all, she never stopped encouraging me.


When I started Your4, I wanted to learn how to view food and my body in a positive way. I wanted control of my mindset AND my body, but did not want a ‘diet’ that limited what I could and could not eat. Limitations set me up for failure, because guaranteed, the minute you tell me I can’t eat something (Reese’s anyone?) is the exact time that I am going to want it. With the plans that Meag puts together for you, nothing is off limits. When I learned how to properly count my macros and track what I was eating, I was able to include things that ‘most diets’ would have never allowed. My three months with Meag and Your4 were the absolute BEST! I have a ways to go, but I can tell you I am stronger, leaner, and MUCH more confident today than I was three months ago. I can’t thank Meag enough for everything she did for me over the last three months, the 28 inches that I lost are a direct correlation to her and Your4. If you are wanting to take back your life and learn to love food and your body again, I cannot recommend Your4 enough, it truly has changed my life!”

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